Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hey guys just an update on Blaze.

Things are going so great with my fish and plant. First of all Blaze is loving the food i bought him, i recommend you to buy it, its called Sanyu Betta Gold. This food is great as it floats on the surface and we all know that betta's eat from the top and don't take anything from the floor. My fish enjoys this this food although when it gets used all up i am going to go the blood worm direction to test which food he likes best and also to change his diet and not eat the same food for months.I did my 5th water change this weekend as i clean my tank and change my water once a week. Ive also started to notice that since the season is changing the temperature is dropping and the algae is spreading at a slower rate which is great. Blaze is now very comfortable with his environment as he knows when its feeding time and at different times of the day his either at the bottom or between the leaves at the top, mainly when he is sleeping. The snail that i placed in is sucking against the glass taking off some bacteria but more snails would do a better job.

The plant on the other is also doing great. While i cleaned the tank i picked all the dead leaves off the plant and it looks much healthier.the plant is starting to grow our the jar so i am guessing the plant is doing very well. Im also going to try and get root food so that the plant can carry on growing so good. The roots in between the soil is also visible and it appears very long which also tells me that the plant is growing. 

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