Saturday, May 12, 2012

Observations and Remarks

Shortly before I placed the zeolite rocks into the tank a water change was performed as I noticed a build-up of algae on the glass- especially on one side of the jar.
In an attempt to reduce the spread of the algae around the jar I placed the tank in an area of permanent darkness for a period of about 5 days. As a result, the algae did  not spread further around the glass but remained confined to its original area.
Interestingly, Tyson became noticeably darker in colour after this period of darkness- his colour was then a dull red. Moreover, Tyson's behaviour changed, and was not as active as before- barely showing motivation to swim to the surface during feeding time. The plant also did not respond favourably to the complete darkness conditions; it too became a more yellow (unhealthy) looking.
The benefit of reduced algal spread was not worth the decline in the health of the other organisms in the tank.
After evaluation, I came to the conclusion that the tank must be placed in its previous, sufficiently lit position and that the algae would have to be removed by me during the next water change by scrubbing it off the glass and then changing the water!
The zeolite is still in the tank and has been for about 2 weeks now! At first Tyson was intimidated by this body in his territory but became accustom to it soon enough.
Another observation I made over the past 3 weeks is that a layer of oil was present on the surface of the water- my explanation for this was that the bloodworms with which we were feeding him, were contained in an oil or fat of some sort and then as the bloodworm was placed in the water a small amount would come off and be deposited on the surface. It did not seem toxic and Tyson did not appear harmed by it at all. Routine water changes should keep that predicament under control.
Tyson has now been transferred to my partner's supervision, and hopefully will thrive under his management!

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