Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have not been uploading on my blog lately anout my fish Thando simply because I struggle alot in terms of accessing the internet.Another problem is that my partner is keeping Thando and I do not see him most of the time so that he will update me on what is happening and what is Thando doing and reacting to certain changes done in the aquariums.But the day ater yesterday I went to his room to see the Thando with my own eyes because my kept on saying Thando is doing well and nothing else.When I was there i did the mirrow test on Thando and he was surprised the first time but a few seconds later when I moved the mirrow sideway he followed the mirrow to every direction I was moving it.I noticed that it was running out of food and my partner and I do not have money to buy food at the moment.So we decided that we are going to reduce the feeding habits from three times a day to two times and Thando did not have a problem with that.

Thando is growing big and is becoming colourfull I will upload is picture tomorrow and the plant is still green and looks healthy.

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