Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fishy behaviour

Where the tank is located really has a big impact on the behaviour of the fish. 

I had General Fin in warmer part of the house and he was as happy as a fish could possibly be. Changes in his colour occurred frequently which had everyone fascinated! He even ate more heartily. 

The plant also seemed to like this warmer environment. But because General ate more, it meant that there was more waste products released and water changes had to be done more frequent. This wasn't a really nice task for me as I more than once "killed" Fin during one of these water changes. My mother was more than willing to assist in this area and she even took it upon herself to feed my little scaly friend when I forgot :/ (oops)

It was really great having my family assist me with this project :)

Okay, back to finy's behaviour! 

There were times when he was quite shy... I think or he just had mood swings (who knows). During these times he would hide between the leaves of the plants or right at the bottom of the tank. What I also found quite interesting was that when I placed a mirror in front of the tank, he would seem very upset one can say. He'd start swimming very rapidly. When I researched this, I discovered that bettas are very jealous and aggressive fish (hence the name, Siamese Fighter) However,it is normally the red ones who show signs of aggression towards other male species of even objects of the same colour. 

I'd like to think I built a pretty good relationship with my fish judging from the fact that when I first received him he swam away when I approached the tank or if there was any movement around him but as time progressed, General Fin actually came to the top of the jar when I fed him, he longer swam to the bottom if I stuck my finger in the water either. 

There was one thingy however that was the highlight of my time spent with my dear fishy friend and that was when he responded to my whistling!! I was such a proud mommy at that moment. Baa-Baa Black Sheep will forever remind me of General Fin!

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