Wednesday, May 16, 2012


These are just some pictures taken for some updates. 
This is a picture of Pirhana outside his jar while I was busy with the zeolites.
So this is where Pirhana is kept when changing his water but this picture was taken when  putting the zeolites in the  his tank. While putting the zeolites and Pirhana'sother pretty stones back in his tank he was swimmning around in this round glass jar.
This is me busy with Pirhana's jar at one point . Pirhana  was at the bottom in his other little glass jar  while i was busy.

The zeolite stones have not really changed much in colour over the period of the week and a half that I have Pirhana. The colour change in the zeolite stones are very faint but never the less a slight change can be noted. The slight change is due to always performing water changes. I never let little Pirhana go without a water change for more than a week. If water changes are not done I know that it could have horrible effects on little Pirhana. 

Long Live Pirhana!

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