Thursday, May 10, 2012

fish tanks

We looked at three different fish tanks today to see which one is cleaned on a regular basis.

Tank A
We found that tank A was the largest of the three. It had a greater variety of fish and it also had big rocks and plants. The temperature of the water was between 27- 28 degrees celsius. It had a filter and the pH of the water was 6.8. 

Tank B
We found that the water of tank B was murky and brown colored and that there were stuff floating on the water. The temperature of the water was 25 degrees celsius.  We also saw snails in the tank as well. The tank uses a Box filter. The pH level of the water was 6.4. 

Tank C 
There were a lot of snails and fish in this  thank. The water temperature was a mild 29 degrees celsius. This tank had wood in it and had a pH level of 7.2.

Based on the pH levels we came to the conclusion that tank A and C has the best water quality(because it's close to 7) and is therefore cleaned on a regular basis.

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