Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For next years fish project in enviromental sciences i would like the department to consider buying conditioners for the fishes,this is a convinient way to optimise and control fish temperature,Another thing is that there should try to get a substrate suppier that is much cheaper becouse the one that they are using now is quite expensive or use other substances which can substitute the substrate,which can be able to play the role of the substrate.Another thing is that the department must also provide with fish filtres that we can use for our fish tanks,also they can try giving the students more fish food that are different ,a variety of fish foods so that the fish can be able to explore different types of food and see which type is the fish comfortable in eating the most.Lastly the most important thing is that the department must try to supply wider fish tanks so that the fsh can be able to swim more easily and freely becouse there will be more space available for it to occupy.Another last thing is that they can try giving different types of gender fishes,male and female on the same tank or on different tanks depending on which sex the student might want to take of the fish.


  1. Hey, i´m using a water conditioner, and as far as I know it doesn´t control or optimize the temperature. It just neutralize the chlorine, so that you don´t have to let the water stand for a day. Do you think that all your ideas wouldn´t be more than R100?

  2. hey :) before we got the fish i went and bort special food for siamese fighters and our fish ctually didnt even touch that other food we were given. it only cost like... R45 atthe pet shop opposite parow center...