Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i fed Oscar a bit early today, i fed him 16:30 and reliased that he was spitting his food back out, i monitored this for 5 minutes but then i noticed that he started eating his food, im not sure if this is common or not? i removed 2 dead leaves from the jar because i realised that it was becoming very brown and i knew that this would somehow affect Oscar. i have not placed the zeolite in the jar yet because i am still waiting for my partner to give them else i'll just go to the fish store and buy it myself. oscar always used to swim all oround the jar but i realised that he mostly swims on top now. i also noticed that oscar hasnt been eating as much as he used to, its been  5 days already, the food always ends up at the bottom, im not sure if its a change of appetite or what but i will find out more about that once i go to the fish store.
i did some research lastnight about betta fish and found out some things that might be useful
- betta fish are popular pets because they are recognised for their aggressiveness and interactiveness
- they enjoy real plants in their habitats and it is also a very good accessory
- blue and red colour betta's are very common
- we shouldnt tap the container because it agitates the fish, we should rather move our finger infront of the betta
- we should avoid jagged rocks or decorations because it tears the fins, tears can also be caused by poor          water maintenance
- betta's love lounging on the leaves of 'real' plants and hiding in them to sleep
- we should use a water conditioner before putting fresh tap water in the tank
- our fish diet should consist primarily of pellets, we should also have a variety of fish foods, if not then that leaves them constipated
- we should feed our fish frozen brine shrimp or blood worms on special occasions, we should handle the blood worms with tweezers because skin contact can cause an allergic reaction like a mosquito bite
- betta fish has a back up breathing system that allows them to breathe surface air but they still require a filtration system in their tanks
hope this helped guys :)

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