Thursday, May 3, 2012

Keeping up with NAPOLEON

Napoleon has been good so far and no serious trouble or incidents took place. The algea grew on the leaves and around the jar so i tried throwing out all the water and replasing it with tap water without adding any chemicals or water conditioner,a, nd wiping the sides clean with a clean damp cloth.When i put Napleon back in his home he didnt stress any more than he usually done during the waater changes. I changed his diet from the tubiflex to tropical fish flakes,he ate it the same way he ate the tubiflex, but when i tried feeding him the tubiflex again,he didnt eat it or even nibble on it. Because of the clouds, the jar wasnt getting enough sunlight so i placed a mirror next to it so that it can reflect the sunlight onto the leaves.. When i i put the mirror against the jar, Napoleon swam quickly to it and flared out his tail and fins and just floated around it looking aggresive,he would swim away but return shortly after. I'm going to add a small charcoal filter to the tank..we'll see waht happens....


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