Thursday, May 3, 2012

Me and stallion have a bound together because when i am feeding him he tends to move towards the top of the tank.In the last few weeks i changed the diet of the fish from dry food that we were given to the floating beta fish food.What i have observed is the first 4 days the fish refused to eat the floating fish  food but after it adapted to the food.

When it comes to water changes hectic process to do. I usually change about 20-25% of the water every week. Last week i drained all of the water in the tank and moved stallion into a different container where i kept him for about 30 minutes. In the other container i poured the same water that was in the tank so stallion can adapt. I noticed while cleaning the tank the amount of algae has increased in the bottom of the tank. when i filled the tank with the new water the water was cloudy. I feel like stallion has been stressed during this process.

There has been a tremendous development with the plant since i added growth sticks. The overall growth of the plant has improved and the leafs have started to grow to its normal condition which is good. What i have noticed is uneaten food tends to sink towards the bottom of the tank and some sort of fungus is growing in the substrates but i think it will help in the development of the plant


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