Thursday, May 10, 2012

Measurements, measurements!

Tank A,  Tank B and  Tank C.

Tank A,  has a variety of fish,its water temperature is 28 degrees Celsius it is the biggest tank among  the three. It is a home to a bunch of snails and some dead and plastic plants and about two real plants. it has a big filter, and two underground filters  at the back  and the  oxygen filter and it holds 320 liters of water.

Tank b;the tank's temperature is 28 degrees Celsius,it has a lot of bacteria even the zeolite in there is very blue meaning the  water there is very dirty, there is little light and the  water is a bit warm the vegetation is  floating  and prevents most of the light  from going around the tank. the is algae on the bottom and on top of the tank. in the tank there are three types of fish in  the tank and a bit of snails. it also has under filter and oxygen at the  bottom.

Tank C : tank c has some  fish typed which are the same as in tank B, but Tank c has five species in there, more vegetation and floating vegetation it has led in the middle. the tank to me is very crowded but the  fish seem to be swimming around freely than in tank B,the tank has more filtration which is  good and  seemed to be looked after nicely.

These  are the results conducted in class by four groups while we were doing measurements, of which my group, group 3 was disqualified  because we mis-measured the  whole thing, sorry  about that everyone.

group 1 Data;
 Tank A    :Ph-7.2,No2-0, No3-250,Kh-6,Gh-10-16
TAnk B     ;Ph-6.4,No2-0,No3-100,Kh-0,Gh-10-16
Tank C      ;Ph-6.0,No2-0,No3-250,Kh-3,Gh6

group 2 Data; 
Tank A       ;Ph7.2,No2-1,No3-250,Kh-16,Gh16
Tank B       :Ph-6.4,No2-1,No3-250,Kh-6,Gh16
Tank C      ;Ph-7.2,No-1,No3-50,Kh-3,Gh3 

group 3: None

group 4:
Tank A: Ph-6.8,No2-0,No3-250,Kh-6,Gh>16

TAnk B     ;Ph-6.4,No2-1,No3-100,Kh-0,Gh-10
Tank C      ;Ph-6.0,No2-0,No3-25,Kh-6,Gh10
I will go through with the analysis of the results  with you tomorrow!!

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