Thursday, May 10, 2012

upgrade louis's tank

hey guys on the 8/05/2012 me and my friend had change the water of louis and also cut off some of  the leaves of the plant and what i have observe at that moment is that the plant is not in a good condition because most of the leaves was dead but after we cut off some of the leaves we had  replant it again after we clean the tank,but to come to the interesting  side is that we have put some of the aquaruim gravel inside our tank,but before we put it in we clean the gravel in hot water for three to four times and after we clean it by using a net we put it in.We also feed louis just once a week to see how his is behave and how he react we we feed him after a week. I just want to add this ,that the dry flakes we use is quit messy because if you give him too much most of the food falls ton the bottom of the end i just want to say that our fish health is also in a very good condition he do the regular thing like swimming around in the tank, during the day he is most of the time at the bottom of the tank then on the top but in the evening he starts to move more to the top of the tank and also sleep most of the time between the leaves.   

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