Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hello Everyone

On Monday I handed the fish back to my partner so she will care for him the next two weeks. The guppy that I had put in the tank with X did not survive, he died four days after i put him in the tank. When he first entered the tank he was very active and almost immediately the fighter moved to the bottom of the tank which was very unusual, and the guppy stayed in between the leaves. I observed the two fish very closely and it was clear the guppy was very afraid of X, perhaps because X was twice his size. The guppy ate the dry food and did not feed from X's freeze dried turbiflex food. I noticed as the days passed that the guppy got more and more in active until I finally saw him floating on top of the tank on a leaf and he was no longer moving.After removing the dead guppy, I only fed X and did not immediately do a water change, in case it caused extra stress to X.

The next day I did a water change approximately a 50% water change. The water was very cloudy I assume because of the extra waste from the guppy. I tried to remove X, but had no such luck so I left him in the tank to not stress him further. I removed the water and then removed more dead leaves. I then took Luke warm water and threw it in the tank. X's colour immediately changed to lighter colour but then returned to normal so I knew the water temperature was back to normal. Unfortunately I did not get a thermometer yet to measure the temperature of the water. I then fed him and left the tank so that he could be calm again. After receiving the zeolite crystals(to remove waste from the tank) I halved it  and washed the other half and put it in the tank, the water was pretty clear when I put it in and after a day it still looks the same with the crystals inside. The tank looks pretty healthy and so does my fish, and I hope it will remain healthy. The plant is also still healthy and new leaves is growing!

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