Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yesterday I gave my partner the Fish so that she can observe all the things that I have been telling her that Orianda can do so that she can witness for herself. I have been staying with Orianda ever since we got her because I stay on campus and my partner came to visit to see Orianda because she travels. The reason I never suggested that she takes Ori is because when I went to visit the other weekend I took Ori with me and by the time we got there the the tank was a mess, the water was dirty and the plant was not in its correct way so I had to to start the tank all over again and I put Ori in another glass jar with only water for the whole weekend untill the plant got better from the breaking and when I came back From the weekend I then replanted the plant and put the Fish in correct jar. Even though I have decided to let my partner take the fish with her I was worried but she said there was nothing wrong maybe it is because she travels a bit shorter distance. I was a bit lonely without Ori I can't wait untill I get her back (desperate).

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