Thursday, May 10, 2012

I feel good to anounce that my fish is doing very well without being sick or suffering from any illness. I'm sure you would like to know how am I doing this, well you are more than welcomed: First of all, water change as it has been said earlier..its very important and you should also consider the way you doing it so that you balance the temperature...I do my water change once a week and I only change 25% of it....The water is clean and clear but it use to have algae up until I had to take everything out and clean the jar and my plant...Coming to my plant: Yeah its recovering from death hey...I am now making sure that its getting everything it needs to be alive such as sunlight...but I have to be careful also because too much of sunlight can lead to the formation of algea.....My fish can eat hey...I once caught some live worms for him and he ate like no other fish can do tjoo...I'm having some good time with him, he feels relieved form stress when he is laying on the leaves of the plant...Just to entertain him I found mirror as the best way....When he sees other males he can fight to death...I proved that by taking one of my classmates fish and put it right next to was like he could just break the glass and kill the other...Dont forget people his name is Masazuki.....I'll bring you some pictures when I come back with the next episode of  'Masazuki Perfoming Wonders'....My name Thobela Tibose Sotshononda see you next time enjoy...

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