Thursday, May 3, 2012

I have taken note of  Mustard's daily routine during the long weekend and i can safely say Mustard does not do much. In the early morning his position will be at the bottom of the tank but as soon as the sun rises and a bit of light sets in the room he will make his way up to the top of the tank. I think it is because he now knows as soon as there's light he will receive food because when i wake up, which is  around past six to seven a.m, feeding Mustard is the first thing i do. During the day he'll  just be swimming around at a very slow pace especially lately now that it's getting cold. He also seems to like light during the day. When evening approaches Mustard will now only swim from the middle to the top never at the bottom. And by night time he'll just be at the top, awaiting he's final meal because i feed him twice, in the early morning and late night. I've noticed when Mustard wants to sleep he settles on the dark side of the tank at the bottom to get away from the light of my lamp that is placed right next to his pad. 

Having Mustard around has changed a tiny bit of me. If you walk into my room you will notice that overall my main colours are green and blue just like Liefling(our amazon sword) and Mustard Fluffy. And when times get a bit stressful and everything seems to be spiraling down a quick glance at tank(which usually turns into a good 30minute stare) sets my mind at ease. This has to be the most hands-on project I've ever had but the nice thing about it is that the reward is viewed every because Fluffy is alive everyday and i can say it's because of me, i take care of him.

That's it for now! <smiles> (feeling very motherly right now)  

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