Friday, May 4, 2012


hey guys louis is going on very well and just show sometimes the same behavior but last night it was about 00:30 one of my friends was standing besides me while is was busy doing some observation and at that time he was making some noises and hold his and tapping with his against the flash at that time the got so aggrissve that is swim in circules in the flash and ta once the fish make an jump but it did'nt jump out of the and my friend also buy louis some products like flakes to feed him and he eat the flakes and also aqua chlor water conditioner that neutralizes the water and an aquaruim plants that we have not use yet.


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  2. I read that our fish are good jumpers so you might want to cover the jar completely at night (which is what I do)... Or you can make a few holes in the lid for ventilation if you're afraid he might try to make a jump for it again... Just be sure that there are no sharp edges on the side that would be facing your fish as this may injure him or damage his fins if he ever does try anything again... :)