Monday, May 7, 2012

Meet Blue...

This is the first time blogging as i have been having internet problems. Meet my fish Blue, his obviously blue with a tiny bit of red under his neck. When i first brought my jar home the plant was healthy with lots of green leaves, on the 12 day my plants leaves turned brown and the plant was slowly dying. I then decided to move my fish jar to another brighter location in my house. I changed the water in my jar in the third week of having the fish as algae was starting to grow at the bottom; I then rinsed off my plant in water, cut all the brown leaves off and gave it plant food. During the water change my fish was extremely irritated and at first did not enjoy his clean home. After a few hours he was back to himself swimming around the jar. Blue enjoys the food i give him but i am thinking of buying other food and see if he likes it better. The water movement of my jar made Blue more active and my plant is growing well.

Instead of testing the mirror theory my friend Taariq brought his fish to my house and we put both our jars together, we noticed that the fish immediately saw each other and started acting aggressive. We then immediately moved the jars away and our fish were still watching each other (evil eye).

Cari-Anne Wüsthoff

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