Monday, May 7, 2012

  As you all know we have named our fish killer, so far our fish has been showing all the positive signs. On the first week we received the fish and the water started to clear up, the fish started to show all it's bright colors, those colors were purple in its body and a blue tail and also it's tail is so big. And I've noticed that our fish killer is not aggressive because it hasn't showed any unlikely or behavior that isn't normal.

Our fish killer seems so happy in the tank because it has been showing all the signs of an excitement and it because it moves around the tank, it moves in circles parallel upward and also moves in circles parallel downward and sometimes it swims in circles but overall it moves in all directions. The fish seems enjoying the vibe of the tank, the water is clear in the tank, and the fish is moving around it does not make water to get any dirty. It seems feeling that it feels good in the rounder tank it swims from the top to the bottom and side to side.

The plant at first when i received it, I thought it was going to die because it was showing yellowish colors even though it was receiving good water and good weather conditions and also wanted to be bend a little but later when i discovered what was the problem, It was because I didn't plant the amazon plant properly and the problem was that I planted it with the sponge it had when I received it. And when I planted the amazon properly again it was responding well to the conditions I was putting it under, the yellowish colored leaves started to dissipate and I also removed some yellowish leaves myself and till now it has been growing  positively.

The first time when I did water change, I would take out all the water from the tank and move the fish into a smaller tank and then I would fill the tank with water again and wait for the water to clear up and put the fish back to the tank again. This way of doing water change would make the water to get dirty because my substrate would move around the tank when I'm taking the water off the tank and also the plant would be removed, I would re-plant the amazon again and level the substrate myself and wait to clear up again and put the fish back to the tank again.

Our fish killer has been responding well to the lesser sunlight conditions that it's receiving because it's always active it moves around the tank and the water gets fully clear and the plant gets much greener. What I have noticed about the fish is that it sleeps in the lower areas of the tank or in the bottom of the tank, It sleeps on top of the substrate but sometimes i have noticed that it does sleeps on top of the tank on the sides.

The fish sometimes does not eat all of it's food it leaves it floating on top of the tank but when it does that I usually clean up remove the floating food and I have noticed that the fish does build some bubble nest on top of the tank. And also since we got our fish killer it has been responding good to the food that we received which is dried turbillex worms it likes them more than any other food we have given it so far, And i also have noticed that it likes floating food.

What I have noticed about our fish killer during water change at first when I would removed it from the tank into a smaller tank, I think it would be stressed because it wasn't getting the freedom it was getting from the bigger tank and it would not move around it would stay on bottom but when I get it back into the bigger tank it would start to be happy and move around.

I also have noticed the fish when it's breathing and when someone is passing by it's tank it does think that it has been attacked and it quickly runs under the leaves and sometimes it does make water dirty by trying to hide itself under the substrate and every time when I'm going to feed it, It moves upward and wait for me to feed it.  

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