Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey guys. Hope you guys are good. So recently while cleaning Fighters aquarium, I accidently hit the tank over and it broke. Luckily Fighter wasn’t inside the tank when I hit the tank over. Along with a broken aquarium all my pictures of the aquarium got erased off  my phone, so I’m back to square one with fighter, I’m really disappointed because Fighter was doing really well in the tank that broke. His grown so much and he loved how spacious the tank was. He really adapted well and grown so beautiful from the time I received Fighter at the very beginning. The only pictures I have left of the tank is the equipment that was used it fighters tank, I’ll upload it.

After the tank had broken, I kept Fighter in a bowl without any equipment until I got him a new tank. In this bowl, it seems as if fighter had lost colour and his ability to swim. It seemed as if Fighter was literally dead.
Fighters eating habits has change, he was fond of the bloodworms and knew exactly when im going to feed him cause he would come up at that very moment, now his eating nothing at all, not even the food provided from Dr Knight at the very beginning. I was forced to get him another tank urgently. FIGHTER LOOKS LIFELESS. I don’t want to see him in this state

However this is going to be interesting, testing Fighters ability to adapt from one environment to the next. When I received Fighter he adapted very well to his environment, so I was anxious to see how fighters was going to react and adapt.


The following week I bought fighter a small plastic tank (the first tank was glass) approximately 300x100x150 in size, width and height. I prepared this tank exactly as I prepared the first tank, however this tank is smaller and excludes the filter, thermometer, instead of the soil plant, I’m exchanging it with floating plants and instead of sand I put in colour stones. I’m looking forward to see Fighters reaction, and  his ability to adapt to the new evvironment.

Placing Fighter into his new tank, it seemed as if he displayed the same behaviour as in the bowl. I thought that he was going to be like this for quite a while, so I placed food, the food that was provided by Dr Knight in and left fighter just like that. When I got back, approximately 15 minutes, Fighter was swimming up and down and on the sides of the tank almost as if he was swimming parallel to the tank and was displaying his same behaviour as before. It seems as if he is really enjoying the tank. Ive picked up somethimg new about fighter, his displaying lots of gill movement.

I have noticed that when Fighter was in the bowl, he lost a lot of colour. Over the few weeks in his new aquarium his getting used to his surroundings, it seems as if he is getting his colour back slowly but surely. He likes going down to the colour stones in the tank and when he gets there he spreads his fins out wide. I’m am not sure what that is all about. He is not that fond on the floating plants however it is too early to determine that and over time we will see if he gets used to it.

The problem I have noticed was that Fighter was fond of eating bloodworms. Now he is throwing it all up. I left him without food for two days and then giving him the food that was provided by Dr. Knight. It seems as if he enjoys this and prefers it over the bloodworms. Why is this so?

The tank I have now is way smaller than the previous tank I had. Fighter really enjoyed the space of the previous tank and it seems as if he is enjoying this just as much, I’m not sure if this is because of the ornaments, stones and floating plants placed in this tank but it seems as if he is enjoying this much more. 

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