Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When Fighter was first introduced into he's new environment he first showed signs of stress by swimming up and down the sides of the tank. Also the first time i fed him he never ate the food but instead he spat the food out again. These were all signs of stress most probably caused from travelling and changing environments. Fighter just needed some time to adapt to his new home. After a few days fighter seemed to be much more relaxed. He also started eating his food. I fed him every evening at about 7pm and he seemed to have gotten use to this because around that time when I place my hand above the water surface,he comes to the top of the water because he knows its time to eat.

I have noticed that fighter is quite fond of swimming to the surface of the water and breathing air. This is due to the labyrinth organ that betta fish have which allows them to breathe air at the waters surface. Also I have noticed that fighter likes swimming around the plant and most mornings I see him around plant which means he probably likes to sleep there and feels safe and secure there.

When I first got fighter he was light purple in colour and I have observed how his colour has changed. His colour got darker and is now a slightly darker purple. This could simply be because of how he has grown and his colour has deepened with age. Something I have noticed about fighter is that he seems to like looking at his reflection. I'm not sure if he thinks its another fish but he likes flaring and often swims vigourously around when sees his reflection. This could be a sign of aggression.

After changing fighters water I have noticed that he shows quite a lot of gill movement. This could be because he is stressed or startled by the movement of the water change.I change the water about once a week to prevent fighter from getting any possible diseases. Overall fighter is currently in healthy condition, hopefully he will stay that way. More updates coming soon


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