Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our Crown tail Gru

On Friday night my partner Megan came to fetch our fish, Gru. I had Gru for the past 3 weeks. In those 3 weeks I cleaned his water thrice (once a week). I at first had his jar on the kitchen counter, because there was a good amount sunlight (not direct). On the kitchen counter he seemed still, one morning i thought he had died, because he was not moving, after i tapped the jar a few times he moved. About a week ago, I moved him into a room that had a lot more activity, he seemed more lively, he swam around a lot more.

I then found out that Gru is a Crown tail Betta, and decided to research it a bit more. I read up that Gru originally is from Thailand. The name found the name crown tail interesting and researched  why Gru is called that. The reason they are called crown tail is because of their unique tail fins that gives an illusion that Gru is wearing a crown. :)

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