Sunday, May 6, 2012

So I got Bison back on Friday (4 May) from my partner. The little fellow seemed stressed, because he swam up and down for about 5 to 6 minutes, but soon he settled down and got used to the new enviroment and its conditions. After he relaxed I came up to the jar with my face first, surprisingly he came closer and he seemed to recognize me. He looked at me with big round eyes as if he wanted to say that I must feed him, which I surely did. He already ate up all the freezed dried tubiflex worms, so my partner bought tropical fish flakes which he rather likes, because everytime I feed him he virtually eats every bit. When he eats he is very calm, not like before when he was a bit too feisty for my liking. His fins looks bigger, that is something positive also his colour seems to be brighter with one fin being red. He swims in every part of the jar, even through the leaves of the plant. Our plant is looking better than ever the leaves are longer and much greener. It seems to be growing at a rapid pace. I have only changed the water once since his return (25% method) and he seems to be in a very happy mood although he doesn't make that much bubbles at the top anymore.

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