Wednesday, May 9, 2012


i done a water change last thursday. i observed that the fish laid eggs and when i was busy doing the water change the fish remained ontop of the eggs. i dont see a particular change or growth in the size of the fish however i did notice that the fish is less active than it was at first but there os alot of gill activity andit is still more active than my first fish was. one of the biggest changes i observed with the fish after the water change was that the fish sleeps in between andon top of the plant vegetation, and for most part of the day the fish swims in between and around the plants leaves. in addition to the change in the fish's behaviour, it has also been observed that the fish no longer eats the food immediately when i put it in. when i put food on top of the water the fish swims to the top , then circles the food and only 3-5 minutes later decides to eat it. perhaps this is due to the fact that i only feed the fish every second day or because the fish no longer likes the freeze-dried tubiflex worms. the fish has formed a bubble nest on top of the jar although after a water change it takes a while before i starts to form bubbles again. i have removed all the dead leaves from the plant. the water stays clear always without the help of conditioners and there is no sign of algae build up. however there is a sort of green substance forming at the base of the plant. i will only be putting the zeolite inside the jar on thursday becausei wanted to give the fish a chance to become more comfortable after the water change.

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