Monday, May 7, 2012

When I received my fish Dj from my partner the fish was very inactive when I first brought it home I believe the fish was stressed because during the transporting of the fish there was vast amounts of water movement. But after a few hours the fish settled down and was back to normal actively swimming around the tank. I had received the fish at 20h00 and immediately i fed the fish and have stuck to that feeding regiment since then. I feed the fish once a day at 20h00 sharp. I have noticed with this feed scheme the fish produces less waste product and this allows me to do less water changes but i still have to change the water twice a week but that's due to other factors. The fish only eats food which is floating on the surface of the water and will not eat any food which has floated to the bottom. When feeding the fish I first wait until it's nearer the top of the water in order to prevent the food from sinking to the bottom and I do this to reduce the wasting of the food. Since I have received the system there has been no growth in the vegetation. But the plant has seven different stems where with one of the stems the leave has died.Two of the stems grow has grown out of the tank the leaves are out of the water but i had received the system this way. There has not been any significant plant growth in the time that I had the system. One leave has died and has turned brown I am going to remove this brown dead leave with tonight's water change. I don't want this leave to further decompose within my system. This one leave which has died does not have a big impact on the oxygenation of my system but I am going to remove this died leave and I want to see if a new leave will grow. I have also noted that the roots of the plant are above the substraint only in a small area the whole root system is not exposed.  I allow my system to receive a minimum of four hours of sunlight to allow my vegetation to photosynthesize. But direct sunlight because this will raise the temperature levels of my fish beyond its capabilities and this could therefor kill my fish and that would be a disaster.
The factor that makes me have to change the water twice a week is the algae growth on the vegetation the growth of algae on the vegetation will hinder the vegetation's ability to photosynthesis and the oxygen levels will decrease within the system and this factor can lead to the death of my fish. What I have noted about the growth of the algae is that it only seems to be growing on my vegetation and no where else. And the growth rate of this algae is very rapid in less than a week it will start to form on my vegetation. The fact that the water is stagnant also has an effect on the growth rate of the algae. Also with the four hours of sunlight this allows the algae to grow rapidly and this is a problem i have to change the water twice a week to remove this algae of my vegetation to allow my plants to photosynthesize efficiently

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