Monday, May 7, 2012

Orianda the angel godess.

Hi again. I remember the first time I got my little angel Orienda, I was so afraid that it would die because I was sure I was going to cope with her. I could go to bed without checking it about numerous times and when I saw it standing still in the jar I would get worried and go to the tank and move and get releaved if i saw it moving. I never thought I cold get this far with my fish and I am so proud of myself, proud that I have come this far with Orianda. I tried the other to feed Orianda some Cereal, she didn't eat it, I tried other thing because I wanted to see it she can eat other things except fish food she didn;t. I just don't like feeding her the same thing each and everyday because I also don't eat the same thing everyday and I like to have fun with Orianda because she is the friend that is always around with me when I am a bit bored.

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  1. My fish enjoys the outdoors I think it can differentiate between the indoors and the outdoors. She enjoys it more when we are outside in a green environment with trees around.