Sunday, May 6, 2012

X :-)

After doing my research I found that the Betta fish require warm tropical waters which range between 24˚C and 26˚C. The temperature of the water on Wednesday was 18˚C, so I immediately did a water change. I removed at least 25% of the water in the jar and replaced it with lukewarm water. I finally got the temperature up to a nice 23˚C. I then noticed that X’s colour had changed from greyish-blue to bright blue, as the temperature of the water increased.
However, the next day (Tuesday) the temperature had drop again. I then decided to relocate X to an even warmer area in the house where there is even more sunlight. I took the temperature on Thursday evening and found that the temperature was slightly higher (20˚C). So I decided to leave it there again on Friday and Saturday. Friday's temperature was 19˚C and Saturday is was 20˚C. The temperature of the jar now is 21˚C.
Other than that the X is doing quite well, he is moving much more now than on Monday and Tuesday. His been swimming up and down and his sleeping pattern has changed. He now sleeps at the top of the jar rather than at the bottom. I also came across an interesting thing, X never makes bubbles when the water temperature is low but as soon as the water temperature increases he starts to make bubbles.  Presently, there are bubbles at the top of the jar which is indeed a good thing because it shows that X has been a very active little fish:-)
Due to me changing the water on Wednesday evening, I could not conduct a water change on Friday. 
Here are a few pictures of X :-)

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