Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 1: 16- 23 March 2012 I got the fish for the first time, a blue Siamese fighting fish namedu Cosmo. I put the little bag it came in on top on top of the existing water for the water in the bag to become the same temperature as the jars water. The existing water was still mucky caused by the cleaning of the substrate. After 15mins I added the fish with the yellowish water into the jar. The plant was already added. The fish didn’t move much when I added it into the jar. When I had the chance I poured the fish out with existing water into a medium size bowl. Then I replaced the murky water with clean tap water. Filled it ¾ of the jar. The water was still murky but after an hour the water became completely clear. Then I added the fish. Plant: I removed it while cleaning and put it into a Becker of water till I cleaned the jar and then put it back in and firmly placing the roots into the soil. Before putting it back in I rinsed the leaves under the tap and wiped the muck off that accumulated on it.  Before putting it back in I counted 7 average size blades of leaves and 1 sprouting from the middle. Tips of 3 of the blades were brown. After it was cleaned I added the fish and fed it a pinch of the food provided. Fish “smelled” the food but did not eat it but later when I checked it was eaten. For about 5 hours the fish seems very unsettled and didn’t move much. I think that Cosmo just adapting to his new environment. By the next morning he was swimming happily and when I fed it, he ate it immediately. I left the jar by the on a table near a blinded window for the plant to photosynthesize. I didn’t want to put it into direct sunlight because I was afraid that it would increase the water temperature too much and ultimately kill the fish. Also I wanted to prevent the growth of algae.

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