Friday, May 4, 2012

hey guys :) hope you and the fish are well :)
Oscar was blue and purple at first but i realised that his colour is starting to change dark purple, this colour seems to be taking over his whole body and yes, my baby grew a BIT, wish i had little oscars swimming around :( he looks bored coz theres no company :(
i dont change oscar's water very often because if i do then he tends to stress, he tends to go into shock because he swims fast around the jar and his gills inflate and deflate, i only changed his water 4 times so far because it worries me to see him stress but my water is quite clear even if i have to say so myself.
i dont know whats happening to my plant though because small little holes is starting to appear, im not sure if oscar is eating on it or if it is busy dying, i think i should rather replace the plant with a new 1, after all Oscar's wellbeing comes first.
i've moved Oscar's jar like 5 times already because everywhere he goes my cat, kitty tends to follow him. i keep oscar in the kitchen because thats where the most sunlight is, when im not home then i keep the lid on the jar because i dont know what plan kitty has up his sleeve, when i come home from campus the i take the lid off the jar and place oscar in my room (i close the door so that kitty use oscar as a snack). i place oscar in my room at night (not sure why, just like doing it), i put his jar infront of my bed and i put kitty in my bed, that way i can have both of my children near me.
oscar is has a good appetite, somehow he knows when its time to eat, when i feed him then he gets a bit excited by swimming around the tank and then he raises his head and opens his mouth, its almost as if his begging for food haha, i used to feed oscar once ever second day but he grew so now i feed him once every day round about 18:30. im having fun with oscar, cant wait to see the new posts :D
take care guys :)

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