Friday, May 4, 2012

okay, so last night i decided to turn off the water filter pump that pumps oxygen into the tank so that i  can see what is going to happen. since last night Fanta has been more active than before and this is interesting. i read up that betta fish like swimming in stagnant water more than flowing water. another thing i have noticed is that his fins have grown and is quite bigger. he has changed a slight colour from blue to reddish which is cool. the only sad thing is that our plant is not looking that good, even though i puled off the dead leaves it is still growing slow. i have changed the lightning in the tank but i cant relocate the tank because it is quite a large tank. last week we got some zeolites to place in the tank and only after three weeks can we check to see how much ammonia is in the tank, so for now that is all i have to say.... i will be doing more observations and will definitely blog again.

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