Monday, May 7, 2012

hi again, did I tell you that my fish is Orianda but we call her "Orie" not really sure if its he/she and the idea behind the name is the fact that she is orange in colour but recently I have observed that her colour has actually changed from orange to a redish like colour. Recently my fish has been spending a lot of its time in the bottom of the tank even though it use to stay in the top of the tank but I'm happy though that it has developed a new favourite spot.
I think it would be lovely if I had a big tank for my fish because I can see that it is very playful, I don't know what I can call that thing that it does all the time when ever I try to get close to it, it's like it is jumping around with joy, could it be noting me? that would be nice ( baby noticing mommy) how lovely.

Since it is winter I have been taking my Fish outside and exposing it to some sunlight during the day and I think that that is good for the fish so that the water can change its temperature because I feel like the water becomes cold during the night and the cold days so i don't want my fish to get sick from cold. Ever since I got my fish it has never been sick I think it is because I have been taking good extra care for my fish.

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