Monday, May 7, 2012

Miss Orianda, the angel godess.

Hi guys, my fish Orianda, has started to eat much or maybe is it just me or my imagination, but i have been noting that every time I feed it, it eat almost everything where as before it left a lot of food going to the bottom of the tank. It use to eat slowly but now it is a bit fast and a bit much more than it use to and I'm even thinking of feeding it a bit more. What I have also observed is that after it has eaten the food it becomes a bit lazy and stops swimming around, maybe its the food some time to digest before making any movements. I spend a lot of time watching the fish and sometimes I even get a bit carried away and spend almost like two hours watching my angel, the reason that I do that it is because I can see some response coming from her when I'm there because she keep staring in the outside from the jar at me its some bond that we share.

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  1. Wow I never thought I could bond with an animal like this especially a fish of all animals, wow this is a great experiance of my entire life.