Monday, May 7, 2012

My last day of observations till I hand over Cosmo to Phelicia. The fish seems to be doing well. The thing that surprised me the most since my last observations is that the plant has grown tremendously. From 7 medium size leaves to 10 in a week and it looks very healthy.  My hypothesis for this is that the tablets Mr. Knight gave us works quite well. Since my fish has been very lazy lately I put a mirror by the jar and watched it reactions. The fish is definitely more active with the mirror in front of it. The fish looks at itself for a split second in the mirror then makes a lap around the jar and does this continuously till I remove the mirror. I just do this for 5 minutes so I don’t tire the fish out. After taking the mirror away Cosmo just lays calmly on a leaf. I will tell my partner Phelicia to monitor Cosmo’s laziness.

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  1. I think the fish is lonely and it gets excited to see another fish so don't get worried if it will get tired let it play for longer. I like that strategy you are doing