Monday, May 7, 2012

I cleaned the jar again since the first time I got Cosmo. Before removing the fish I poured some of the jars water into a bowl and added a little fresh tap water. Then I poured all of the water in the jar out, without losing the substrate. Added fresh water closed the jar and shook it then let it stand till the dirt settled then poured the water out. I did this about 3 times. Then I added the plant and placed it firmly into the substrate.   When I removed the plant, I put it into a bowl of fresh water. I counted 7 very green medium size leaves. Before putting the plant back into the jar, I wiped the leaves off with my hands. It seems that putting the bowl by a blinded window with limited direct sunlight is quite a good environment for the plant. Since this is good results for the plant, I don’t plan on moving the jar to a new place yet. I want to keep monitoring the growth of the plant in this environment so I can prove my hypothesis right or wrong. Lastly I added the fish with the water it was in and fed Cosmo. General observations: Cosmo seems to be adapting well to the jar environment. At times I would think the fish is dead so I tap the jar then he starts swimming. I think that the fish is just lazy, doubt that Cosmo is sick. What I find fascinating is how large the bubble nest is, it’s half the diameter of the jar. I’m no expert but the nest to fish ratio is quite big.

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  1. My fish usually makes quite a big bubble nest as well. It's really cool=) Also its a sign that the little fishies are quite happy and content=).My fish's nest doesn't actually reachthat size as the jar gets cleaned once a week and the bubble nest is destroyed in the process. I feel really bad destroying it while cleaning tank=(. What would be really cool is if you could put up a picture of your fish's impressively large bubble nest. It would be really interesting to see=)