Monday, May 7, 2012

My fish in Trauma(Psychology 101)

Yesterday (06/05/12 at 15H00), i had to clean the jar which in my case involves removing the fish from the jar and doing a clean  water change. For the first time the fish got stressed and he was avoiding me at times as i tried to make him do something active because he was very unresponsive so i was worried from time to time that maybe he could be dead. His water was extremely cold, the tap water was warmer than the water from the tank.I tend to keep the jar close to the wiindow sill where lies the table which i study on hence no other proficient area that i can put the jar so that is why the water was cold. I don't know if this could be normal for the fish but since he is still alive i guess it's all fine. No major updates or changes from first and last post besides the stress from water change (he kept swimming up and down the jar and took reletively long naps). I'll be back like the electric bill...


  1. I don't think that it is okay for fish water to get cold it may have survived the first time tha doesn't mean it will survive for ever.

  2. Nice point but recently there has been a significant rise in temperatures out side which also affect the water in the jar so i think it wont be an issue for a while.